In absence of anything important or significant to talk about, I decided to update everyone a little bit on what is generally going on in my life. By the way, the picture is of Thrice and holds no significance to anything being discussed. I just think its a sweet picture and wanted to include some visual stimuli because looking at only words is boring. You'll also notice that I now have some tunes on in the background. I hope everyone likes them. Im sure you can check anyone of them on myspace if you like them. All them are also on itunes save for Radiohead. I kept it light in respect to most of my audience, or congregation as I like to call you, and because I wanted my blog to have a kick back chill feel to it. Moving along!

BODY FOR LIFE! is going swimmingly! I don't have an exact number on how much I have lost so far but its somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds (probably closer 20). Not bad for under a month and a half if I do say so myself. I am trying be a little more hardcore this week so I can see more/better results. The great thing is that I have been lifting weights a lot too, so the actual poundage of fat that I have lost is WAY more 20 lbs. I have already started to see a difference in the way I look and especially in the way my clothes fit. Those of you who last saw me at Christmas should see a huge change by the time graduation comes.

SCHOOL! This semester has definitely been tough thus far. A lot of time is spent reading and doing homework as well as with my online classes. One thing that takes an enormous amount of time is meeting with groups. Two of my classes rely heavily on group work so around two nights a week I have to meet with my groups. This obviously takes away from work time.

WORK! Still at the Mac Shack. The venture working for my friend Dan didn't work out. No time. But on the bright side, he has some work for me that I can do from home whenever I have free time so that can get me some extra cash. I am finding it harder and harder to find time to work other than Friday and Saturday night. Basically as of late, my Fridays and Saturdays consist of me working till 9:30 or 10 and then heading to the gym. What a social life!

It started to warm up the past couple of days, but unfortunately it is cold once again and it will probably snow tonight. Woo Hoo! It will make SoCal in April that much sweeter, right? Right. Thats my rationale for now.

Thats about it for now. For everyone who reads this lowly and humble, thank you once again. Its nice to know that people actually have an interest in what I am saying enough to read it. Don't feel the need to comment every single post I do, but a comment here and there is much appreciated. If nothing else just to know who is reading. If you don't have a google account to sign in with to comment, just shoot me an email sometime to let me know what you think. My email is ScottHayden83@gmail.com. Thanks again everyone for reading and all the great compliments and comments. Stay Classy.


  • Thanks for the updates! I love hearing what you're up to. Happy Valentine's Day too! Thats so great that you're seeing such fast results with Body for Life. Keep up all the good work! Love you!

  • Hi Scott sorry I've been busy when you call. The Blog helps me stay in touch. I really enjoy reading about your life in utah and at school. you have a talent
    Love Dad

  • I would like to punch thrice in the chest with my fist. also, body for life sounds pretty stellar...except for the life part. i am really looking forward to being fat and sick someday so...not for me

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