Will it ever warm up?!

Ok, I swear my car looks like this every morning. Every morning I have to one, many, or all of the following: brush the first layer of snow of my car, the scrape the ice off the windows, and shovel the driveway (or at least my half). Its absolutely ridiculous. Thats all on top of the bundling up I have to do before I go outside so I don't freeze to death. You may be saying, oh its only a few times a month you have to do that. NOPE! I swear its more than half the time. I swear Utah nature knows I'm on my last nerve with this state and it decided to give me the worst winter ever to piss me off. It has not gotten warmer or less snowy since it started; just constant snow and cold. And furthermore, have you ever tried drive with snow on the ground without sunglasses on? Its absolutely blinding. You may ask yourself, "Why don't you just wear sunglasses, Scott?" It is so cold outside that the inside of my car is cold enough to fog up sunglasses. By the time the temperature is moderate enough to put them on, I'm usually just about to where I am going. So that is my dilemma. I don't think I have ever wanted to be done with something like I want to be done with Utah. Im seriously over it here. I want to be done with school, and back in the warmth. Less than 3 months left. I'll be home before I know it. Until then, I am forced to press on through this icy tundra hell I like to call Provo, Utah 2008. Wish me luck.


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