Ugly Uggla, Anderson Accounting, and Live in LA

So its been a while since my last post. I know I keep telling everyone that I am going to post more often now, but I think I have just come to the conclusion that that is just not going to happen. Life is crazy busy. I'll get an idea of something to blog about but by the time I can get around to typing it up, it is old news. That being said, you will updates and blogs of plenty, but its not going to be every week. I'll try for once a week but I am more thinking it will be about 3 a month or so. We'll see. If you don't like sports or baseball skip the next paragraph.

My first item of business is the MLB All-Star game. I now am referring to it as the "All-Star" game (picture me doing finger quotes while saying it). Some of the names that are brought into this game are absolutely ridiculous. To put home field advantage for the World Series on a game played by a glorified high school student body election is a joke. I think about half of the AL team was composed of Yankees and Red Sox. Wow, there are other teams America. Then there is Dan Uggla who I blame for the NL losing the game. I don't think he recorded a hit the whole game and he into ia double play just when the NL had a chance to take the lead. Also, don't forget about the back to back errors he made. What an overrated piece of crap player. How he made the team is beyond me. There is an obvious lack of quality players at that position in the NL. Chase Utley is amazing but everyone else is pretty average. To be honest though I would have rather have seen 40 Year old Jeff Kent play. I digress.

Next on the agenda is Anderson Bat Company. I think I have been at my job now for like 4 weeks? Something like that. I am enjoying it a lot so far. Everyone I work with is really cool and its a pretty relaxed atmosphere. For example, after going to bed at 3:30 Am from just seeing the Dark Knight at a midnight showing, I was too tired for a shower and decided to just throw on a hat and stroll into the office. Not a peep from anyone. Heck my boss comes in the office where gym shorts and a t-shirt. So I definitely like that aspect of where I work.

A few nights ago I went with my friend Greg down to L.A. to see Chuck Ragan play at the Knitting Factory. I love going down to L.A. Its a place I would never want to live, but I love being 45 min to an hour away. There is so much to do there. Anyways, I had never been to the Knitting Factory before, one of the few bigger name venues that I haven't, so it was really fun to finally go. Chuck Ragan, who you are currently hearing in the background of this lovely blog, plays folky acoustic type stuff. He also fronts a band called Hot Water Music who absolutely love. I had never seen Chuck live by himself, but I have seen Hot Water Music before back in high school. Before he went on I had an opportunity to meet him and his wife at his merch booth and talk with him for a few minutes. Him and his wife were really nice and seemed genuinely happy that I had taken the time to be a fan of the music and come to the show. Chuck put on an awesome show. He had a few guys from the band that played before him join him on stage for 5 or 6 songs which was fun. All in all it was a fun show.


  • Hi Scott Nice to hear you like your job. I wouldn't push the no shower though.
    It's good to see your back in the groove

  • Yay, an update! Haven't really talked to you since I left. Glad you like your job, that's always a bonus! We fly back to PR tonight. You can start looking at my blog again, LOL!

  • Hey Scott. This is Colby by the way, I am using my wives account, you know me I am technology challenged. That is great to hear about the new job. The casual dress is one of the perks that keeps me working at the family biz. Oh well, it is great to hear how things are going with you.

  • Glad that work is going well! I have to read your blog to find these things out, because I never see you! Hey, what's up with Laura and Brady? Did their petting zoo fold up?

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