Lay Off Without the Pay Off

Last Friday I received some devastating news. "I'm going to have to let you go." Something most people, other than those in police custody, never want to hear. I could go through the whole rigamarole of why and blah blah blah, but sufficeth to say that my boss got the call from the owner that someone needed to go due to lack of business and I was the unlucky one. "Do I get any severance pay?" "No, they don't do anything like that here." They don't do anything like that here? Are you friggin' kidding me? Wow, so after 3 years of being underpaid and under appreciated, with not a raise to be seen, you are going to "let me go" with no notice* and no severance. Why not follow that up by telling me to go "F" myself? Jeez. The icing on the cake, or rather the twisting of the knife, was that they told me all of this at 10am in the morning. Meaning that they didn't even give me the dignity of cleaning out my desk alone in an empty office. I had to gather my belongings in a box in front of EVERYONE in the office. I think that was the most humiliating thing I have ever had to do. Absolutely brutal.

Now I'm on the job hunt. While this is a situation I would never wish my self to be in, it is forcing me to change what is wrong in my life. It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I hated that job. I hated the company, I hated my coworkers, and I was growing tired of not advancing and doing the same thing over and over. I did, however, enjoy getting a steady paycheck, small though it may have been. The Missis has been having to put up with my negativity on the subject for the past year, something I am not proud of. As I stated earlier, I do not like being without that paycheck, but this experience is forcing me to find something new that will make me happy and hopefully more $$$. Luckily, I have excellent friends and family to help in my time of need by passing my resume along to their colleagues and by notifying me of various opportunities. I am confident that I will find something new and that my(our) life will consequently be better. Here's to new beginnings.

*Why is it that most places want you to give them at least a two week notice if you are going to quit, but they NEVER give you a notice if they are going lay you off? I think that is incredibly ridiculous for them to not offer you the same courtesy.


Birthday @ The Getty Villa

Last week was me berfday and the Lady took me out for a day on the town. Its hard for me to pick out a "highlight" of the day since it included so many awesome events such as a full body massage, an ice cream sandwich from Diddy Riese, and dinner at the best garlic restaurant in town, The Stinking Rose, but our visit to The Getty Villa might have been my favorite. Here are some pictures I took while there. Enjoy.

Ah Summer time...

The beginning of summer is probably my favorite time of year. There is so much to look forward to. I get to immerse myself in sunshine, beach days, bonfires, BBQ's, and baseball. I don't get to the beach too often with my work schedule(read: too embarrassed to show my fat self anywhere near a beach), but I do like to take in as many bonfires, BBQ's, and baseball games as I can. I can't think of too many things I'd rather do than enjoy a hot dog at ball game whether it is a scorching hot day game in the sun, or a cool evening game that begins as the sun is setting in beautiful Southern California.

Aside from baseball and beach days, there are a few other reasons I have a love for this particular time of year; new music and blockbuster movies. I don't really know why, but summertime is a popular time to release new music if you are band. From October to somewhere around the middle of May it seems that there are a few albums here and there that I will want to check out. Usually about 1 or 2 albums a month. Then, right about the time it starts to get hot, and the April showers have ceased, there is a gigantic influx of new music. I don't know if it has to with bands wanting to get there music out for summer parties or if it has something more to do with bands not touring during the winter and therefore, spending that time recording. Albums recorded in the winter would probably have a release date in the summer. Furthermore, most bands do the bulk of their touring in the summer and probably want an album to tour on, so hence the new music in the summer. I think I'm on to something there. Regardless, it makes for an amazing 3 or 4 month stretch for any music fiend such as myself. In the last 3 weeks I have been hot on the trails of a few different releases that have been more than ok. Manchester Orchestra's "Simple Math" is my favorite record thus far into the year. In fact, I haven't been wowed like this by an album since I don't know when. I would recommend this album to anyone and everyone. Balance and Composure's "Separation" has also been heavy on my ipod. Check it out if you dig mid to late 90's emo acts like Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids. Other albums coming out soon that I am excited about are:

-Nick 13 - Self-titled
-August Burns Red - Leveler
-Touche Amore - Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me
-La Dispute - No title yet but will be released in late summer
-Thrice - Major/Minor

On to the movies. I already started the summer off right with a viewing of Fast Five. Pure, unrelenting ridiculousness in movie form. I don't think there was on realistic scene in the entire movie. From Vin Diesel and Paul Walker falling 2oo feet into water and surfacing unscathed, to a giant truck sized safe being tugged around Rio by two Dodge Chargers. It was unrealistic all the way through and that is what I loved and expected. Thats what one is supposed to love about a summer blockbuster right? Movies that are high on action and budget, and low on acting ability and reality. Transformers 3 will prove to be amazing I am sure (even if I do hate Shia LeDouche). Other movies that I am anticipating:

-X-Men: First Class
-Captain America
-Green Lantern
-Super 8
-Cowboys & Aliens

Whether it be music, movies, baseball, or BBQ's, summertime brings a plethora of gifts. I for one will partake in it all. I encourage you all to do the same.

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