Old Yearbook Pictures

Enjoy these old year book photos of me.


Momma's Boy

Today was my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday MOM!! I won't say how old she is partly because I don't think you are supposed to do that (right?) and partly because I'm not sure how old she is. haha, sorry Mom. I think its somewhere in the late 30's though *wink*. Actually, I know what year she was born so I guess I could figure it out if I tried. Anyways, I get constantly prodded by my brother for being a momma's boy, mostly because I am the baby of the family and get treated as such. Today I gladly stand before you and accept my momma's boy-dom. I love my mom. She's always been there for me when I have needed her. Thanks for the place to stay right now by the way, Mom. I won't bore everyone by going into details but sufficeth it to say that she is great and I love her and its her birthday. I think she likes to think of herself as "the cool mom" but then second guesses herself sometimes. What she doesn't know is after all my friends meet her they talk about how cool my mom is. So despite your lack of love for screamy music, thinker movies, and your own second guess, you really are the cool mom. Happy Birthday Mom, I LOVE YOU!!

By the way, this little clip reminds me of myself bugging my mom when I was a kid.


Brain Drill

Right now I feel like a drill is going through ear, penetrating my brain, and coming out the other side. Im being punished for not having a job to go to today, by the neighbors doing some kind of carpentry. Thats right Fish, carpenTry. I should also note that I reread my last post recently and was appalled at all the spelling and grammatical errors. I sincerely apologize for how hard and annoying it is to read any of my posts. I promise to proof read from now on.

As stated above, my last temp assignment ended on Friday. What the heck, man? I'm really sick of not having a permanent job. I hated Craparoni Grill, but at least I knew I was there as long as I wanted to be. I really don't like this temp business, or even "temp to hire" business. What does temp to hire mean anyways? I am still confused about the idea of it. I have thus decided to look for something on my own. Sure if the temp agency throws something my way I'll take it for the paycheck, but other than that I have decided to rely on myself for finding something. I remember being out of a job in college and how much I hated interviewing and filling out applications. Real jobs are even worse. I guess the only thing about it that is good is that I'll be a lot more excited when I get hired on at an CPA firm than I was when I got hired on at Macaroni Grill.

In other news I have decided to take an institute class on Tuesday nights this semester. I figure now that I have my nights open from work and I don't have homework, because I am GRADUATED, I should take the time to study the good word a bit more. That and it should help cure the social deficiencies that plague my life constantly. So yeah, two birds, one stone, that old chestnut. Im not even sure what the class is on to be honest. Hopefully not Old Testament.

Lastly, I finally got Snubbs registered in California. Snubbs is my car by the way. I can't even say how much of a relief it is to finally have that done. Anyone else ever driven with expired plates that expired 4 months prior? Talk about nerve racking. I think the worst experience was when I came across a sobriety check in Brea with 5 or 6 cop cars, and freaking out that they would see my plates. I am now pleased to say that Snubbs is legal and driving in a city near you.

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