School, work, workout, and more work!

Ok, so times are way hectic right now. I'm sure everyone knows that I am taking 19 credits in school right now. It is absolutely crazy how much time I either spend at school, or on homework/studying. One of the many classes I am taking is a mandatory 1-unit capstone simulation class. It is essentially a "game" but it is probably the worst game ever created. Its like monopoly on steroids. Just imagine if monopoly and Barry Bonds had a kid together, this game would be that kid. Its absolutely ridiculous. We are put in charge of a company and have to make all the decisions for this company. Sounds easy on the surface, but you are charged with the R&D(research and development), marketing, financing, yada yada yada. I'm not talking about making a simple decision like pick the best decision out of a,b,c, or d. You have to decide how much money to put into each, how many products you want to sell, whether or not to start a new product(plus come up with specs), whether to drop a product, and various other things. Its a headache. On top of that, you graded on how well your company does. All that for a 1-unit class. Absolute ridiculousness. Also, on a funny note, my teacher looks like Newman from Seinfeld. Its really uncanny. Every time I see him I want to say, "Hello, Newman!" Haha.

Any resemblance?

On to work. The Mac Shack is good. I really hate serving tables and relying on cheap Utahans for my wages, but thus is the nature of the beast. Only a bit longer and people will be serving me for their wages which is a much better situation. We've hired a bunch of new servers so after 8 months I am somewhat of a veteran there.

Body-For-Life is going great. I've been on it for a little longer than 2 weeks and I'm already seeing results, which is encouraging. One of my fall backs is the Myoplex drinks that program sells at Target. They taste really good and are very filling so they work well for a "meal". As of late Target has been out of them so I have wavered a bit the past couple of days, but not much.

So on top of Macaroni Grill I just got another job. My friend Dan runs a call center for Dish Network and he needs someone there from 6 to 9 to take calls that are pretty much easy sign-ups. He asked me if I wanted to do it and I thought it would be a good idea and easy way to make a little extra easy cash. I'll get 50 bucks a sale and apparently most people that call in are all ready to sign up anyways. I'll be doing that two nights a week. So my plate is pretty full this semester.

I'd like to get some pictures up here but i can't find the cord to hook my camera up to my computer. As soon as I find that or buy a new one i'll post some pictures.

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