Scotty and Marie...

Oh man, how do I begin this story? Friday night I was working, at the Mac Shack, and low and behold who comes in to eat? Marie Osmond. Apparently Marie loves her "star power" and decided to drop her name by saying, "Table for 3, for MARIE OSMOND," Haha. For some reason I was almost rolling on the ground in laughter when I heard she said that. Like we are going to just make a table up and leave because Marie Osmond is here, oohh, she is so famous. Haha. So the hostess told her it would be 45 minutes for the wait. Come on, we made Larry King wait when he came in over Christmas. We are for sure making her wait. Seeing Donny or Marie in Provo is like seeing Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center. You're pretty much expecting to see one them or both sooner or later. So after being told about the wait, she apparently left without taking a little buzzer/pager thing to tell her she is ready to be sat. I can almost hear her thoughts, "Marie Osmond doesn't wait! How dare they make me wait! I was on Dancing with the Stars!" To her defense, I thought about later and came to the conclusion that if I was famous I would also drop my name if it got me a table faster.

Anyways, back to the story. She ends up coming back and guess whose section she is sat in? Thats right! Yours Truly! I immediately told her what a huge Dancing with the Stars fan I was and how much I loved her and was sad she got voted off so early on the show. Actually the way it really went down was I told her that an acquaintance of mine from Junior High and High School, Sabrina, was on that show with her. She proceeded to tell me she was a sweet girl and blah blah blah. She asked if I watched the show a lot and told that I had actually never seen it. Thats seriously the truth. I told her that we don't have cable so we rely on a crappy antenna for our tv and its realy fuzzy. Therefore I don't ever watch tv. Haha, the real reason I haven't seen that show is because it is crap. Haha. Of course my mommy raised me with at least some manners, I failed to mention that.

I hope I haven't lost a lot of people with the length of the story because the best part has yet to be told. Marie said she if I could just turn and burn them that she would be very greatful because they had to get to a movie. I told I would do my best to get her in and out as fast as possible, and just for everyones info I meant it. I would never serve someone badly for any reason, especially a woman who I know will tip me well. All three wanted diet cokes with waters, as well as a hefty amount of lemons, like any woman. haha. So, I proceeded to hurry my butt off to get her all the stuff she wanted. Now, I am pretty confident in my serving abilities and how fast I can do things. I just barely won a competition for going the longest without breaking anything(i.e. glass, plate). Actually, I've never broken anything since I have worked here. That being said, while I was handing out their six glasses on a tray, guess who for the first time dropped and broke something at Macaroni Grill? YEP! Thats right. Diet coke...all over. Most of it got on the floor, but some did get on her and on her purse, which I am sure was about $3000 or so. How poetic? I never spill or break anything and the one time I serve a "celebrity" I do it. No one let me forget it the entire night. I received many high fives and "Thats so awesome" 's. Marie, I have to say, was very cool about it. She was the slightest bit mad or annoyed. So I really have to say that overall she was pretty cool about the entire thing. She also left me a very generous tip.


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