"None Shall Pass"

This me while I type this post, enjoying a nice L0-Carb Monster and the new Aesop Rock album. My headphones are huge but I love them.

I received a lot less comments on my last post then I thought I would. That either means that not everyone commented or a lot less people read this than I thought. Anyways, so I decided to do something new. Every time I make a new post will post a new song for everyone to listen to so it doesn't get boring. I'll still leave the older songs on as well for everyone to enjoy.

I feel like my life hasn't been really exciting lately and therefore haven't written much lately. Last week was Spring Break and I had the opportunity to take an awesome vacation down to Cabo. Unfortunately, I don't have any money to go down to Cabo or friends that were going so I just picked up a butt load of shifts at work and made some good money. I really despise those who have time and money to leave town anytime they wish. Thus I attempt to get through school and make something of myself so I can do that in the future.

News Update! I'm down to 245 lbs. which means I have lost about 25 pounds. Its crazy to think that I have lost that much in lik 2 1/2 months. Its also crazy to think that I have lost 25 pounds and I still weigh 245. Haha. Holy crap, Body-for-Life saved me from obesity. At 245 I still feel huge but I keep going forward with it all because I can see results. Its kind of how they say, "The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know." Well the more I lose, the more I realize how much I need to lose. I digress.

Since there isn't much going on in my life that hasn't been going on already for like 3 months, I will speak my mind for a minute. I'm not going to pretend that I am not excited about finishing school and moving back to school. Its really all I have that keeps me going. Maybe its the fact that I am completely over Utah, but I really don't think that is true. There is still so much here that enticing to me, especially with the cold finally going away. I'd like to think that the excitement just comes from the idea of the unknown. Not that California is unknown or new, but the experiences there will be. I'll be done with school and hopefully starting a career in accounting. Finally a big kid.

But like I said before, there is so much here that is enticing to me. It would be very easy for me to stay here, especially since I would be able to find a job a lot easier. For the past 8 months I have been living with Jeff and Donnie (my two lovely roommates, pictures will follow), and its been way fun because we are all friends, not to mention having Justin upstairs who is also a close friend. Donnie has only lived here for 3 months but its been fun nonetheless. He and my other good friend Cory Mon are looking to move into a house in the next month or so, with Jeff also being a possibility to move in with them. I was just thinking today how much fun that is going to be for them and I found myself being envious. Im excited to move home, but living the parents for isn't exactly an exciting living situation (sorry Mom). I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to live there this summer, but I still find myself being somewhat jealous of my friends. My only unmarried friend in California, Bill, already has roommates and it is unlikely that I will live with him. So even when I am ready to move out, there is a good chance that I will move in with strangers or those who I hardly know.This Donnie practicing in the next room while I type.

Now this isn't me complaining or being negative. I'd like to think its the other way around. Im glad that I am enjoying my situation here while it lasts. Jeff and Donnie both play guitar, and Cory comes over quite a bit and plays. Justin plays drums and on occasion holds his bands practice at our house. I seriously love being around music, especially the music here. Its a style of music that I wouldn't normally listen to and has definitely expanded my palette. I will miss it here, this house and Utah in general, when I leave. Its great to know that I have a group of really good friends here that I can come back and visit, which I plan to.

I think that is about everything in my head at the moment. I believe my next post is going to be more solidified than this one. I just had an idea about it right now. For now enjoy the new song I added. Its called Needle in the Hay by Elliot Smith. It always reminds me of The Royal Tenenbaums because this is playing while Luke Wilson's character is committing suicide. Turns out Elliot Smith apparently stabbed himself to death. A bit morose I know but I really like this song and that is what I think of every time I hear it.


  • It is so exciting to close this familiar chapter in your life and open a new chapter. The fear of the unknown is always a little uncomfortable, but that's was adds to some of the excitement! All the things you're feeling are completely NORMAL. I remember feeling a bit unsure of things after I graduated...I knew I would miss Hawaii and my life there, but at the same time was excited to start my life in Huntington Beach. Living with strangers I think ends up being better because you become friends. Sometimes moving in with friends changes the friendship a bit. ANYWAY--Good luck with everything! Miss you and love you! Oh and congrats on the weight loss! Keep up all the good work =)

  • sweet afi poster.

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