Old Man Bones and Snubbs

Finally some pictures for you all! Yesterday Jeff Stone, aka Stone Bone, aka Old Man Bones, and I had quite the day. We headed out to the Great Salt Lake around Saltair, which is a concert venue that used to be a carnival. Many many pictures will follow. The main brunt of the pictures are taken around a place called Black Rock. It was cold as balls out there and way windy. After we hung around for bit there we headed caught a bite to eat at Rumbi Grill at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake, which is enjoyable. The main reason to go up to Salt Lake at all was to catch a band called, This Will Destroy You, who is on tour from Texas. They play a kind of music called post-rock, which is essentially instrumental rock music that is really technical and spacy with weird time signitures. The first three bands were of the same genre and I enjoyed them a lot, especially a local band called I Hear Sirens. This Will Destroy You ended up coming late but made it eventually. The show was a lot of fun. I guess if you aren't really into instrumental music, 3 1/2 hours of it might drive you crazy, but Jeff and I enjoyed it. This first picture is at Salt Lake obviously. I did a bit of altering with colors. I think it looks pretty cool.

This is me on top of Black Rock. It was a fun little climb and reminded me of when I was a kid and liked to climb. It was insanely windy on top of that thing.

Me by the water.

I thought this was a really cool shot with the sun and everything.

Doggy tracks...

Old Man Bones in his sweet Marty McFly vest. Is it any wonder he is so popular with the ladies?

More of me by the water.
This is Saltair. You are probably thinking to yourself that I got this picture off the internet and its way old. Nope, I took that yesterday. I hope you are enjoying my awesomeness in iphoto, because I know I am.

This Will Destroy You


  • Wow, what's up hot stuff?! Lookin good Scott...Awesome pictures by way! I love the skies/clouds. Keep up all the good work with Body for Life and the pictures!

  • Word.
    We are two great looking Mofo's.
    We are awesome.
    And the day followed suit.
    ...damn well better have!
    Or else we would have regulated on many people, places and things.
    So it's a good thing that the drive was rad, that Black Rock was epic, that the Gateway and its restaurants were open for our business, that the movie theater welcomed us and gave us some nice scenery to gaze upon before the start of the film, and lastly, that This Will Destroy You finally showed their faces, and systematically rocked ours off.
    People were lucky.
    Because I didn't want to regulate after a day as rad as this one was.

  • cool pics man

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