Summertime..the living's easy!

The first burgers of 2008! The weather is finally warming up and so on this Easter Sunday we decided to have a lovely barbeque. It was such a nice day. It was me, my two roommates (Jeff and Donnie), and our friend Shasta. Donnie and I are both from California, Jeff from Vermont, and Shasta from Vernal so we were all without family. I must also thank mom for the burgers, they were delicious. Jeff also bought some brats and of course some YooHoo. Nothing says summertime and BBQ like a nice frosty YooHoo. For those of you who haven't delved back into your childhood with a good swig of YooHoo, I highly recommend it.

Here is Jeff and Shasta handling the grill. There is something highly emasculating about not knowing anything about working a grill. Furthermore, the fact that I know more about fashion than BBQing and cars combined just makes me feel like the biggest woman ever. Needless to say, Jeff did a much better job at the grill than I would have.

The YooHoo, oh yes, the YooHoo. Its so good when it hits your lips!

You might be asking yourself who this 40 year old man is or why is there a cop/child molester at our BBQ. Nay, that is just Donnie with horrifically glorious mustache. He's playing the GEETAR as usual. Enlightening our ears with lovely music.

Shasta and me. Close up I think you may see my poor mans excuse for a mustache. I hate my facial hair. I am convinced its just growing to make me look bad. I wish it would either grow in full (like Donnie) or not grow in at all (like Jeff).

Me eatin a brat. I freakin love summertime and BBQs. Its sad that I say summertime and yet there is snow on the mountains still in this picture. Delusional much? Yet another example of me excited for what this summer holds but relishing my time left here in Utah.

On a side note, I finished The Kite Runner tonight. Amazing book I must say. It is pretty heavy as far as content, but its one of those books that is good to read to remind you of the blessings we sometimes take for granted. The book itself is fictional, but the subject matter is based on real things that happen all the time. In an effort to not give anything away to those who might read it, I won't go on. Just know it is a great book and I highly recommend it.

I hope you all enjoy Summertime by Sublime too. I thought it was fitting.


  • I'm so jealous! I LOVE BBQs too...our Easter meals were far different than yours. Since we had just gotten back in town, we had no food in our fridge which resulted in eating frozen food. For lunch we had fish sticks and pizza bites, and for Easter dinner microwave burritos! Mmmm mmmm! It was the worst Easter meal every, but we had a great weekend so I can't complain. Oh--Yoohoo Scott? I didn't like Yoohoo as a kid. Its so watery! Looks like you had a great Easter Sunday with your friends. College is AWESOME!

  • Hi Scott,
    It was nice to see your blogg this morning. Jean read the book Kite runner and so we rented the movie and watched it last nite.Jean said the movie was very tame to the book trying to keep it PG-13.
    I enjoyed the movie and of course was touched by the journey the boy had to face to gain courage in his life and of course the example of the pure love of Christ by his friend who would lie to his father rather than rat out his friend who he new was struggling. So much enjoyed the pictures from Easter and were excited about our trip to see your at your big day
    Love Dad

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