To all my readers....

How little or many of you actually read this blog ( I think there is more of you than I think because no one comments) I need your opinion on something. Being the music enthusiast that I am, I naturally think that everyone wants to be introduced to new music that is awesome. Therefore, I posted the music player at the bottom of this blog that will open the eyes and ears of those ignorant to the greatness of Thrice, Radiohead, and the like. However, it has come to my attention lately that this might be annoying to those who actually read my blog. Its kind of funny because I personally hate when people have music on their blogs. This is usually because I am usually already listening to my own music. My friend from work (Fish, you can read his blog by clicking on his link in my friends list) expressed on his blog that he hates when people have music on their blog. Furthermore, my quasi roommate Chain posted a similar blog asking whether people liked music when reading other peoples blogs.

So this is where you all come in. I have decided to copy Chain (sorry, Nicole), and ask you all, do you like the music I have on my blog? Is it annoying? Should I keep it or do away with it? You tell me since you are the readers and are the ones who subject yourselves to the pain and suffering of looking into my messed up life. Haha. Im going to give you all a week or two to leave comments and say whether i should keep it or take it off. I'll do whatever you guys want. Majority wins. So, let the comments roll. If you can't leave comments, drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.


  • I love the music you have on your blog! Usually I like music on people's blog, that is if I like their music! If I don't like what they have on I turn my volume off, but I like your music. Sometimes I just leave it on your page so I can listen to your music while I do other things.

  • I hope my vote counts! SO far its 2 to 0 keep your music! Hope you're having a good week. Miss you...

  • honestly in the end, if people dont like it they can just pause it. I generally dont care for music because most of the time i dont the music playing, and also it is annoying if it is always the same song. so i dont know. do whatever you want, i dont think people are going to read your blog or not read your blog due to the music. unless the music was nickelback. then i would never read your blog again.

  • if you post that crap we were listening to in your car the other night i will simply mute that sh$t...

  • I read the blog and I dont mind being force fed music, of course I probably would mind if were music I didnt like. Considering we have similar tastes in music I dont really mind. amen to the nickelback comment. maybe you could put up some puddle of mudd or creed though, that'd be tight!

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