Angel Game

It's baseball season! And guess what? I'm back in California. How very exciting for me! So this past week I went to my first Angel game of the year. Hopefully there will be many more to come as well as many Dodger games. While I do love the Angels and Angel Stadium, mostly due to its closeness, nothing beats Dodger Stadium. The bummer about Dodger Stadium is driving the hour, if there is no traffic, to get to it. Not to mention the ghetto that it lies in. Im sure many memories will be made at both Dodger and Angel Stadium. Amy and Heather accompanied me to the game and we all had a blast. Nothing beats $16 tickets. The seats are really good too for what you pay. Anyways, it was good times had by all. The end.

This song is by Dropkick Murphy's and its called "I'm Shipping Up to Boston". Enjoy.


  • LOoks like your in your element

  • lucky.. I'l be taking in a M's Sawks game in Seattle in two weeks. I'm a little torn on who to cheer for as I love the Sawks but have grown quite fond of the M's and Ichiro as well.. hmmm

  • Hey Scott!

    I came across your profile and thought i'd say hi! I saw Jeff and Nicole's blog...i didn't even know Jeff got married! They make the cutest couple! Heather looks gorgeous in your pics...tell her hi for me when you see her. Hope you're doing well! Sean and I are great...i'm 19 weeks prego...due October 8th with our first! Crazy! Keep in touch!


  • Attractive females. Good for you.

    Actually, I do not think getting out of Iraq is a good idea. Another reason why i will absolutely not vote for Obama or Hillary. I think that EVENTUALLY getting out is important, but just completely backing out is a dire mistake, in my opinion. The blood bath would be unimaginable. Not to mention Iran would move in an create all sorts of problems. I think that we have worked too hard and the cost has been to high to simply leave and fail. I do not think that we should be there indefinitly, and I think some form of withdrawal needs to happen, I just don't know how, how soon, and how quickly.

    As far as socialism is concerned, Obama isn't somewhat of a socialist--he IS a socialist. He will spend this country into oblivion. Not to mention the fact that all of his change rhetoric is simply that--rhetoric from a young and inexperienced politician who claims that he is going to change things, but never says what or how. And frankly, watching his handling of the Reverend Wright issue, he is the same as every other politician out there, playing the same political games. I wont even get into the whole "how could he sit in that racist douche bag's church for 20 years listening to his racial tirades and hatred of america." nor about the absurd double standard that exists concerning what is considered racism in this country. So no, sir, I shall not be voting for Obama. True, maybe he couldnt completely push a socialist agenda upon the country in 4 or 8 years, but he can do plenty of damage. Not to mention appoint extremely liberal supreme court justices. Just look at the damage Bush has done our country over the last eight. Don't tell me that one president cant make that much of a difference. I am not saying that McCain wont be a disaster. But i think he will be the lesser of three disasters.

    and thats all i have to say. Also, you can always comment on the particular blog upon which you desire to comment, I get notified by email when any post receives a comment.

    God bless

  • I miss Angels games!

  • Dont you dare call me a bro. I may have posted a shirless bro-esque photo (from years ago) but all in good jest, and consistent with the particular post.

    At least I have not resorted to being a self proclaimed "PIMP" on my blog.

    love fish

  • Please bless some good, old fashioned Elsworthing took place at this Angels game...

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