Honest to Blog

My mother is now a bona fide blogger. She just recently made her blog viewable to anyone so you all should check it out. Its under my links sections as "Still Crazy After All These Years". She has a great knack for blogging already and I am sure you all get a kick out of her thoughts, as she has of yours (Well at least those of you linked to my blog, she reads all of them, haha).

I am currently highly stressed about finding job in accounting. For those of you who know anyone that can help me out let me know.

Also, I just downloaded all of season 2 and 3 of Lost. I am catching up and boy am I loving it.


  • Thanks for the advertisement for my blog. It's lonely when no one reads it. Glad you're enjoying Lost. Just wait...you haven't even gotten to wierd yet!

  • I love the title to this post! It was fun talking to you last night.
    I'll be seeing you in what, three more weeks?

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