Last Day in Utah

My last day in Utah was definitely a fun one. It started off a little scatter-brained but ended up being a good send off. I had been wanting to a have a BBQ but had really failed to plan much and that includes an exact time and an invite list. So I knew I wanted to have a BBQ, but I wasn't sure when to have it and who I wanted there. After much procrastination I, with the help of my friend Mitch, came up with a loose invite list and food assignments. I thought I had let everyone know when it was but apparently I forgot to tell my Dad because he thought it was at 5 or 6. He ended up being around 2 and 1/2 hours late. It also ended up being a little smaller than I had planned because I also neglected to call really anyone other than my roommates and good friends. In the end it was a good thing because it was nice to not have to cater to a bunch of people and all my really good friends were. Old Man Bones was able to take a lunch break from work and make an appearance. Cory Mon and Ellsworth also showed up after their band practice which was cool. Most of the fam that was there for my graduation came, with the exception of Margie and Nana who were taking a rest from the busy day earlier. Other notable guests were Bill (who flew in the night before to drive home with me), Dan the Man (who chatted baseball with Bill and I the entire time), and Erin (who brought her charm and dashing good looks to the party). Donnie aka Tammy, my roommate, was also there to add some much needed flavor, although there was no mustache this time. Donnie is now holding down the fort at the Huntington Manor with Stone Bone in my stead. Good luck to you Good Sir.

Here is Lord Huntington aka Justin hard at work on the grill. The burgers were delicious. Thanks again Justin.

Donnie and Erin.

I don't know why but I love this picture. I think because it is classic Jeff. Miss ya man.

Petey rockin' it in Utah style.

That night Cory had a show at Velour that he promoted as a going a party for me which was pretty sweet. I invited a bunch of people but pretty much only the people that I expected to come were the ones that showed up. That was nice so I didn't have to spread myself to thin. I was able to hang out with all my best friends on my last night. I think about probably 10 or 15 of my best friends were there. Cory asked me if I wanted to sing a song with him before hand and I thought it would be fun so I did. I actually was really really nervous but it was seriously some of the best fun I have ever had. Thanks again Cory for making it a special night for me. I thought this picture above was a good one with Cory and I.

I also really liked this one because I look about as happy as I felt. Haha. My 15 minutes of semi-fame. When Cory is one day rich and famous from his successful music career I can brag that I once sang a duet with him on stage. It should also be noted that the song we sang was named after me...Snubbs. Good times.

Enjoy Come All You Weary by Thrice.


  • I absolutely LOVED you singing with Cory! I only wish Cory had asked me to sing with the band too. That would have been wierd though.

  • I had so much fun that night. Jean and I realy liked the music and thought you were awsome.Cory and the boys are all welcome when they come to town.
    Great week end for us
    Thanks Dad

  • Looks like your last days in Utah were fun. That's awesome you got to sing on stage! I agree with you, the last picture you look so happy!

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