New Bloggery

In an effort to move forward with my life after Utah, I decided to change the background and layout of my blog. I know, what an important thing in my transition. This generation is doomed because people now spend time transitioning by changing their blogs and myspace accounts instead of spending time changing their lives. Haha. I laugh but I am so a victim of it too. Anyways, so I opted to not put music on this time. If there is an overwhelming reaction to it not being on there, which I doubt there will be, then I will put it back on.

There may be a few more tweaks here and there in the next few days but for the most part this is it. I hope it behooveth everyone.


  • I like the new look - very nice!

  • I really like this background...Question, why do people have the word verification under comments? Its so annoying...I notice a lot of people have it and I was just wondering if there was a real reason. I can't believe I'll be in town in just a month!

  • I guess since my blog is private I don't need it, right? I deleted Dad's comment because it showed up twice....

  • i absolutely love the fact that you discarded the pimp picture and replaced it with the most forlorn scott i have ever seen.

    "Scott, alone and miserable at somebodies wedding."

    story of my life

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