This post is titled updates not because I wanted to up date you all so much on whats been going on in my life, but because I am so tired of updating everyone on whats going on in my life. Well that sounds sort of bad. For the most part everyone that reads this is pretty in the know on my life and refrains from asking me the questions that I absolutely hate. Thus ensuring me that creating this blog was a good thing because I have to answer said questions less often than I did before the blog. What kind of questions am I talking about, you ask? The mindless banter that really doesn't matter. Here is a quick run down of the annoying conversations that I am talking about. I will title the person asking the annoying questions as Joe.

Joe: So you just graduated huh?
Scott: Yeah, I did. Its seriously so nice to be done with school.
Joe: Do you have a job lined up?
Scott: No. Actually I just transferred to the Macaroni Grill down here while I take the CPA exam, but I am looking for a job too.
Joe: Did you meet with any recruiters at your school?
Scott: No. No recruiters came to my school because our accounting program was small, blah blah blah.
Joe: Oh, that sucks.
Scott: Yeah.

Thats pretty much brunt of it. I can not even count how many times I have had that same stupid conversation since I have moved home. I get it, people are just trying to be nice and cordial. Im sure the fault lies with me, but I'm sorry it just annoys the crap out of me. Its the cross I bare apparently. Also included in these annoying little update conversations are topics/questions such as: "Are you dating anyone?", "How was work?", "How is the Macaroni Grill?", and other questions like that. Undoubtedly one of you reading this has at some point asked me one of the questions, some probably pretty recently. Please don't take offense. I understand people are just trying to be polite and have a conversation. It is just highly aggravating to hear them and discuss them over and over again. When anyone reading this feels the need to ask any of these questions just refer to the answers below.

Are you dating anyone? - No. Trust me, I'll let you know when I am.

How was work? - Work sucked. It always sucks. Who likes work? (Granted I have asked this once or twice but from here on out I vow to not ask it)

How is the Macaroni Grill? I hate it. I hate serving tables. I am currently looking for a full-time job in accounting. Do you know anyone that can help me?

Once again, this is just me venting. Please no one take offense because its the conversation that is annoying to me, not the person who i am having the conversation with. We've all had conversations like this I am sure of it. The end.


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