Movies Lie. So do girls.

What is it with movies, particularly romantic comedies? I officially have a love/hate relationship with them. While I love the light-hearted comedic banter, they always make it seem like it is so easy to find a totally cool, usually hot, and single girl. I hate it. It just doesn't happen. Girls like that are so few and far between. I find it very depressing. There are few things worse than being a rough around the edges Mormon trying to find a girl. I hate dating. It sucks. I hate girls and the stupid games they play. Heaven forbid a girl want to settle down with a nice guy like myself. I honestly don't understand it. Girls will flock to total douche bag losers that treat them like shit, but a nice guy like myself that treats women with respect seems to have some sort problem with finding one. There seems to be no balance in this world. People (girls) seem to either view me as some sort of saint who judges them because they do this that or whatever(these usually being girls who aren't LDS or who are inactive LDS members) or as a bad seed, a heathen if you will (these usually being the molly mormon type). Or maybe this is just how I view most girls I meet. Either they are too mormon or not mormon enough. I don't know. Can't anyone just meet me in the middle? Why is it that if you don't do something that someone else does they think you are judging them for it? I hate my life. I think I may go off the grid for a while. Not that I have been good at updating this thing as of late but I think I may take a longer break. I already deleted my facebook. Please don't comment and ask me what happened. I don't want to talk about it. Also, don't comment and tell me to cheer up. Better yet, just don't comment at all. I just needed to get my thoughts down.


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