Greetings from the beach of Huntington

It has been a great while since I have checked in here and let you all know how I am doing, if you are still there. A lot has happened since my last update and I wish to expound upon those events if I may. First and foremost, I finally moved out. Talk about a ticking time bomb. I love my Mom and LaMar but I think it was the best for all parties that I finally take the plunge and move out. I think all three of us are easier to love from a distance. After a year of cramping each others styles, it was time I move on.

So where does a 26 year old, single, Mormon guy from Southern California move to? Why Huntington Beach of course. I'm currently livin
g on 14th St. about 4 blocks from the sand. I'm enjoying my time here, although I'm convinced I am enjoying being on my own period, more than I am enjoying living in HB itself. Don't get me wrong, I like my roommates and the weather and surroundings are beautiful, but I do have to say that living here is a bit overrated. I'm anxiously awaiting Fall to come and eventually Winter. This hot weather is brutal when you don't have AC.

Lately it seems I have been getting the question, so
whats new? Is that a question I am going to get my whole life, or is it just by chance I have gotten that a lot lately? I don't know. Is anything ever really new? Its like, once you graduate from school and are working full time, how often do you change your routine enough that it warrants telling someone about? I would guess not very often. I don't know what is new, but I do know that my life right now currently consists of me waking up and going to work every day and coming home to study for the CPA exam. Period. The end. I don't think anyone here can possibly understand the crappyness of that schedule (except Grandpa Money if you are reading this). Studying for the CPA exam is pretty much like tric
king your mind on a daily basis. You have to tell yourself all sorts of lies to get yourself to study and to do keep studying. Because the truth is that studying sucks and is completely boring. It feels like 10 minutes is an hour. If you don't lie to yourself, you never get to it.

I decided to save the best for last. Not to presume that my life is the most important thing in all of your lives, but I am pretty positive most of the people reading this know I have dating a girl for awhile now. Actually we just celebrated our 6 month anniversary. That is BY FAR the longest any girl in my life has ever put up with my crap. I think we have a keeper here folks. We dated on and off for 5 months or so before that and had been friends for about 2 years before that. Needless to say, we have known each other for quite awhile now. I am not ashamed to say that I love her very much and she is the best thing in my life. I honestly couldn't ask for a better girlfriend. She surprises me on almost a daily basis with how amazing she is. That sounds so cliche but it is so true. For example, last weekend she com
pletely surprised me, with the help of my mom, and came to visit me for the weekend. Or the time she sent me a card and an Edible Arrangement (which are delicious by the way) the morning of my CPA exam wishing me luck. She loves me for me, and pushes me to be better. I feel so lucky and blessed to have her in my life.
My Indian Princess and I

P.S. I'm also at the point where I have realized she is always right. I have surrendered. It's a humbling feeling.


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