I'm back...again....

I have the best wife ever. The last few months have been particularly rough for me. Day in and day out I go to a job that I have a deep hatred for. There is nothing like having to put in a full days work at a place where you feel under paid and under appreciated. I'm not sure if I hate my line of work, or just my job in particular, but something is telling me that I may have chosen the wrong line of work. Accounting? That was basically everyones reaction when hearing what I was going to major in. When I expressed my current feelings to my dad, he asked, "Can I tell you something without you being mad or offended?". Sure. "When you first told me you wanted to go into accounting I was really surprised. Not because you aren't smart or couldn't do it, but because I figured you would do something a little more creative or something where you could deal with people more." I have heard this exact story, or a version of it, from a number of different people. My first reaction was, what the heck? Why didn't you tell me this when I was in school? After thinking for a bit, he probably did tell me and it just went in one ear and out the other.

What to do? I can't possibly go on hating my job and not do anything about. I guess the first step is to find a new job. Ashley and I have been wanting to move to Austin for a while now. I think the key is try and find something out there in accounting since that is where my experience is. It will be a lot easier to find a job out of state in my field. Once we get there I can see how much I like the job and either continue on in the field if I like it, or move on if I decide once and for all that accounting is not for me.

So back to the beginning of the post. Why is my wife the best? For starters, she knows me and my needs. Yesterday was a particularly hard day where I could hardly focus on my work. All I could think about were the things I would rather be doing, most notably something having to do with music. I feel like that is somewhat of a pipe dream though. The music industry is a dying industry and there aren't very many jobs available. I have often thought it would be great to write for a magazine or website of some sort, writing reviews or features or something. The main problems there are that my degree is in accounting not journalism, and that I lack any applicable experience in that area. Not to mention that I am not that great of writer in the first place (was that a double negative?). Anyway, knowing all these things, my lovely wife suggested that I start on my blog again. She said she always enjoyed reading it and that I was a creative and good writer (thanks babe). I thought that was a pretty good idea. I need a creative outlet. Here's to me kickstarting this bad boy and getting it back up and running. I promise most of my posts won't be this boring. This was more of an update of sorts anyways. If you like what you read, please tell your friends. Its always nice to have people reading.


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