Urine. You're out.

Just a quick note. Lately at work I have been getting stuck in the bathroom with an odd, and disgusting fellow. He is an aging "hipster" who is probably in his 50's. His daily look and attire starts with his cul de sac hair line and curly red hair popping out the side and back. The there is some kind of pooka shell necklace followed by some sort of floral patterned shirt with cuff links. Then he usually has some sort of jeans that were popular back in '03 with all the crazy rips and wash. Oh yeah, don't forget about the huge plugs he has in his ears. The guy is basically a walking cliche.

So this is the guy that is always in the bathroom at the same time as me. He walks in and then proceeds to piss. Well.....try to piss. Every time I'm in there with him he has trouble pissing. A few drops here. A few drops there. Its SOOOO awkward. After his attempts at what a normal piss should be, he zips up and heads out. That's it. No hand wash? WTF? Ok, I'll admit that I have been guilty of not washing my hands after a short sesh in my own home, but not at work! And in the presence of another worker no less! He has done it more than a couple times too. Just despicable. Eww...

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  • Well I hope you scrubbed good after that. Yuck... His outfit sounds divine... for 1970. You have to ask yourself: why is he always in there when you are, hmmmm? I would try to change up my schedule if I were you.
    PS: Yes, I've picked up followers, but I'm working it. I have to read tons of blogs and comment on ALL of them. Its a lot of work. I'm under no illusions that its my sparkling writing. I wish...

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