I want a dog.  Let me rephrase.  I REALLY want a dog.  I think I am beginning to understand a fraction of what women go through when they go baby crazy.  I am beginning to notice little puppies everywhere I go.  I even noticed the cute doggy sitting on the couch in the commercial.  The dog was about .000001% of the commercial, which is about as important as a painting hanging on the wall or a magazine sitting on the coffee table, yet somehow it stuck out to me.  Sheesh. It really makes me hate living in an apartment.  A couple weeks ago I couldn't sleep so I inevitably went out to the living room and hopped on  the interwebs.  I soon found myself on a Jack Russell terrier adoption website.  OMG!!! "Why do I do this to myself?" I thought.  I must like to torture myself.  Is there anything is this world so cute as this little guy?

Luckily Ash is on board with the dog idea, but we can't seem to agree on breed or age.  I want a puppy because who the hell doesn't want a puppy? Ash apparently.  Too much work.  Too many messes.  Blah blah blah.  Yes they are a lot of work and you have to train them right, but I think there is more of a bond when you get a dog as a puppy rather than when they are 4 years old.  I would be open to getting an adult dog, however, if I got to choose the breed.

Of course Ash wants something lame like a cockapoo, labradoodle, or some other ridiculous cross breed with a stupid name.  On the flip side, I of course want something that she would hate like a bulldog, bull terrier, or any other manner of manly dogs.  My compromise? The little guy pictured above.  Yes, they are super energetic and need to be excercised regularly but they have an awesome personality.  Have you ever met a Jack Russell you haven't liked?  I haven't.  I got the go ahead a few months ago which made me very happy.  And by "go-ahead" i mean a conversation not unlike this:

Me: "Hey babe, what about a Jack Russell (picture me with a big dumb smile on my face as I show her a picture on my laptop)?

Her: Sure, ok (absolutely no feeling in her voice as she was checking her facebook or something else that she cared about more than what I was saying). 

Me: Sweet! (Even bigger dumb smile on my face)

You all can probably guess how long that agreement lasted.  So sad.  If we had a house and yard and some real estate the decision would be really easy for us.  I think both would want a labrador or retriever of some sort.  Probably a black lab like my beloved Chester, God rest his soul, if I had my way.  But alas we don't have anything close to a house.  Actually, we still live in an apartment complex that doesn't allow dogs.  Why the hell am I evening putting so much sweat into this?  Because I like to torture myself.  GAH!!!   


  • Honestly, I feel your pain. I've been wanting a dog real bad for the last few years, but timing is just not right. I will say though, we (my family) used to have a jack russel (it was my brothers), but most of us never cared for him. when it comes to small dogs, i've always liked a beagle or a cocker spaniel. anyway, bro here's a link to most small dogs out there if you wanna give it a glance.

  • I dig beagles too but she didn't pass off on them. I hate cocker spaniels, plus they are a little big. I guess beagles are a bit big too.

  • Beagles bark a lot. Cocker spaniels are snappy. And Chester was actually a black lab/golden retriever mix (a mix made in heaven) - he was the greatest dog, wasn't he? Despite his love for stealing and eating whole loaves of bread off the kitchen counter. It was a vice I could live with.
    I sometimes want a little dog too - I miss having one. But then I remember I like to travel, and everyone I love lives far away. When you have a dog you can never get away. Not cheaply anyway. Something to consider. I do like Jack Russells, but they need LOTS of exercise. Poodle mixes are cute but need grooming. More expense. Just remember to consider all costs - hidden or otherwise - because they DO add up. Especially the vet bills.

  • I've looked before to follow your blog, but I can't see anywhere to do that. Help!

  • LOL, you're funny! I know what would be cuter! A BABY!!! ;-) Poor Mia wants a dog so bad. I don't know if we'll ever get one, but maybe one day when we have a yard. You guys need to come visit! Miss you!

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