I'm Part of the 300 Club

I hope to look back on this week in a year or two as an important week in my life.  Something was brought to my attention that I can't ignore.  I can't turn and run away either.  Well...I do need to do some running, but actual running, not the metaphorical type.  They always tell alcoholics, or at least in the movies they do, that you have to admit there is a problem before you can fix it.  This is me admitting it to the world (luckily only 12 people read this blog).

I weigh over 300 pounds.  There it is. I said it.  It doesn't feel good, like when they say it in the movies.  I think the weirdest thing for me is that in my mind I am about 220.  Growing up I was always outside riding my bike till the sun went down and playing baseball and football year-round.  I went through a chubby stage in middle school, but other than that I was always in good shape and skinny, relatively speaking.  

I honestly don't know what happened.  Maybe that is problem in fact, that nothing happened.  I stopped playing sports, working out, caring about what I ate, and worst of all got a job sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Not to mention got married (my poor wife).   

Regardless, I am here and I am massively over weight.  I always looked at obese people and said,"How did they let themselves get like that?  If I ever got over 3 bills I would get my ass to the gym and work out."  Well folks, time to put my money where my mouth is (ya know, instead of more food).  Its go-time.  Its get-my-butt-to-the-gym-5-or-6-times-a-week-time.  Its eating-healthy time.  Lastly, its your-muscles-are -going-to-be-sore-for-at-least-2=weeks-straight time.  

What is that?  I mean, I know what it actually is (kind of).  We have all felt it before.  You haven't been to the gym in months.  First time back you go balls out and feel great that night.  Next day you are a bit tender but still feeling like you accomplished something and are being reminded of it with a slight soreness.  THEN, the day after that you feel like you were hit by a train.  WHAT IS THAT?! Is it natures cruel way of welcoming you back into the healthy world? Is your body trying to tell you that the gym is bad and eating endless amounts of mac n cheese is good? Because that is what it feels like.  You'd think that if working out was good for you that your body would feel amazing after doing it for the first time in months.  I digress.

All I know is that I am going into BEAST MODE for a while.  I can't say for how long, but it will be long enough so that when I am done you won't recognize me.  Here's to me and my health.  To not getting Diabetes before the age of 30.  To being able to climb some stairs without getting winded.  To being able to shop at Urban Outfitters.  To fitting back into my old clothes (I have a couple pairs of Seven and Diesel jeans just wasting away in a my dresser).  Here is to sticking to the plan.

By the way, I hope some of you didn't continue reading this post hoping to hear about me walking around shirtless wearing nothing but a loincloth and an oversized red cape. 

I also added a little poll on the right hand column regarding whether you guys want to hear about my journey or not.  Truth be told its also a way to gauge how many people are reading.  If you don't comment, at least take 2 seconds to answer the poll question.  Much love.


  • I found that going public with my desire to get healthy was a crucial first step to getting healthy. People cheered me on and the declaration held me accountable to make genuine life changes.

    I hope you choose to keep people in the loop so they can encourage you. There will be days where those encouraging remarks will make the difference between you staying on your plan versus hitting a Mickey D's.

    Also, you might consider weight loss groups. I don't know it you ever go on Reddit, but I love looking at Reddit.com/r/loseit.

    Good luck!

  • the pain? Caused by a build up of lactic acid. TONS of water and glucosamine (found in any health store help. or at least don't let it get so bad.)

    I'm really excited for you. I had Evie 14 monthes ago and I'm only 8 lbs lighter than when I walked out of the hospital. I have 25 to get back to pre-preggo. 30-35 to get back to my most fit. I finished being the cow a month ago so I'm ready. Lets do this!

    what is your actual plan?

  • Thanks Tim. I will start hitting that website up.

    Chain, I plan on doing Body for Life again. It worked really well when I did it when I lived with you and Justin. I really liked the idea of the free day. I just need to do it for longer than 3 months this time and really turn it into more of a lifestyle change. Part of the problem was that I stopped working out entirely and didn't care about what I ate.

  • Good luck, Scott! I know you can do it. I started working out this week (since having the baby). Not fun at first but not too bad once you get back in the swing of things. Hope we see you guys soon-life should be getting back to normal soon.

  • Good Luck. Remember - it's a challenge that never get's easier. You will constantly have to dig deep for motivation each time you want to eat poorly or skip your workout for something less productive. Be patient with yourself.... Go get em!

  • Yay, you! I can tell you honestly that it's the sitting for 8 hours a day. To compensate you have to change how you eat and work out regularly and hard. My problem is finding something I can do that's hard enough to compensate for the 8 hours sitting. Good luck and I'll be anxious to hear about any good things you come across. I'll encourage you if you encourage me!

  • Good for you Scott. I'd want to hear/read about your journey. I'm working on getting some baby weight off my hips..Rex suggested I start taking a weight loss dietary supplement to help with my cravings (I have a bad sweet tooth)and it really does help!

  • Thanks Ronna. I have a grip of supplements that I need to start taking. Every little bit helps.

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