Force Fed the Familiar

It seems that no one these days has an original idea.  This extends to many forms of media but I am specifically speaking about film.  Every movie these days is either a sequel, prequel, reboot, redo, based on a comic, based on a book, based on a tv show, based on a board game (thats right, Battleship and Candyland are coming your way pretty soon), or some other rip off of a half assed existing idea.

Today I found out that there is going to be a movie based on the tv show Friday Night Lights.  The insane thing is that the tv show is based off of an already existing movie, that was in turn based off of a book.  So they want to make a movie that is based off of a tv show that is based off of a prior movie that is based off of a book, which is actually based on a true story.  YIKES!  Have we run out of ideas?

I took a gander earlier at what movies were currently playing in theaters.  Here are a few of the titles that were out:

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Both a sequel and based off of a comic book
Journey 2: Mysterious Island - Sequel
Underworld Awakening - Sequel
Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - Sequel and based on a cartoon
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Sequel and based on a book
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - Sequel and based on a tv show
The Muppets - Sequel and based on a previous franchise
We Bought a Zoo - Based on a book
Hugo - Based on a book
War Horse -Based on a book and stage adaptation of the book
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Based on a book
Puss in Boots - Sequel/spinoff of Shrek
Happy Feet Two - Sequel

That is not all of them either.  Those are just the ones that were on the first page and I knew off the top of my head were based on prior work.  That is insane to me.  I don't understand why there needs to be this extreme need for familiarity. Will the masses not go to see a movie unless it has a familiar name or character?  Is that how movies like Land of the Lost get made? Disney even made an entire franchise based on a ride in their theme park.  I maintain that were it not for Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean would be a colossal failure, not unlike Disney's other ride based movie The Haunted Mansion (starring Eddie Murphy).

Once again, there are movies coming out for Battleship and Candyland.  WTF?   Battleship.  BATTLESHIP!  There is a movie coming out for Battleship.  I cannot believe that.


  • I totally agree. I used to be a huge movie goer. Now I can hardly stand the thought of going to see a new movie. Hollywood is making me sick.

  • How do you make a movie out of Battleship?? Although I admit, I don't even know how to play the game... Candyland I get - little kids will go see anything with a cartoon character in it. I don't mind movies based on books - there are so many good books out there. But a movie based on a remake based on a movie based on a book...that's a bit much.

  • I think it's becoming more clear by the minute that television has surpassed movies as an artistic medium.You are starting to see higher quality actors moving to the small screen too.

    I can't think of a single movie I can't wait to see, but I could name at least ten shows that can produce 15-20 one hour episodes per year that are worth movie prices.

  • did you not see the trailer for Battleship during the Superbowl? Its like Transformers... at sea.

  • Mom, I totally agree with you on the book thing. There are so many great movies that are based on books, including two of my very favorites Fight Club and Into the Wild. I guess I would just like to see more originals. @Tim, I actually have never thought of that and it makes a lot of sense. I think on a general level I would agree with you. There is so much more you can do with a full season (or two or three)than you can with a 2 hour movie. @Kirk yeah I did see it. Wasn't sure when it was coming out though. It looks so dumb. In fact when I was watching it I was thinking, there is a new Transformers movie already?

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