Meet new girlfriend.

For all you of out there that ask me if I am dating, this post is for you. No, I don't actually have a new girlfriend named Maylene. Maylene is the name I gave to the guitar my mom/dad (depends on who you ask) so graciously gave to me. I hope either one doesn't mind me taking the liberty of naming her. She is a beautiful Gibson with a lot of personality, as you can tell from the pictures. I've had her for while but have been busy with either school, work, both, or other things. I have finally found the time and desire to get to know her. My friend Greg plays guitar and so the other day I went over and had him show me a few things. Funny thing is that while in Utah I had two roommates, and one friend that was over all the time, that played. But like I said I was very busy then. So my passion has been re-ignited and I have been playing the past few days in my free time. I still totally suck, which is expected for the next long while, but Im actually having fun just playing around. And since I currently don't have a girlfriend I plan on spending some time getting to know Maylene. BTW, you might be saying to yourself, where did the name Maylene come from? Well, I was recently introduced to a band called Maylene and the Sons of Disaster who totally rock my socks. And then once they rock my socks off, they finish the job by melting my face with fine southern guitar riffs mixed with some great modern licks. Think of a 2008 version of Lynard Skynard. A little bit harder and rougher, with some double kick bass drum here and there. I have really been impressed with them. Anywho, I thought the name Maylene was cool so thus I have named my guitar after it. Apparently Maylene the real girl was a bank robber in Alabama back in the day and robbed banks with her sons. Back to me. The song I have been "playing" is a song called "Knowledge" by ska/punk greats Operation Ivy. Its your basic 3-chord punk song, so a good one for me to learn.

In other news, I am going to join a softball league that starts in September with my friend Bill and some of his friends from work. I'm pretty excited about it. Its all guys team which I both like and don't like. I like it because it will obviously be more competitive, but I don't like it because I'm obviously not playing around girls, even furthering my singleness. It should be a lot of fun. I haven't played anything close to baseball/softball since before high school with the exception of one or two church games. So its time to hit the cages and start tossing the ball around.


  • You're right, it DOES totally depend on who you ask! LOL...but if you're asking me, Mom actually gave Maylene to me when I was in junior high, but we'll let it slide ;-) Hope you enjoy her!

  • I repeat: I got that guitar for Christmas when I was 14, and living in New Jersey. I learned to play it with my friend, Joan. I love the name Maylene - you've just made her very cool again. I've loved hearing you play her through the door. Keep it up!

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