Deja Hoo

Yesterday I did something that I have not done in about 3 1/2 months. I'm almost embarrassed to say it. No, I am embarrassed to say it. "Hello, my name is Scott and I shop at Wal-Mart." Then followed by a warm, "Hi Scott,". Yes my friends I went to Wal-Mart. I honestly didn't see really how bad it was until I went to the one here in California. In Utah I used to go all the time and did the majority of my shopping there. The one in Orem frequented by most UVSC and BYU students and thus presents an overall normal atmosphere. Not so much here in California. Wal-Mart here attracts every hispanic, misfit, and hick within a 25 mile radius. After walking I immediately felt a panic set over me and a general,"What the crap am I doing here?!" set in. I then proceeded to move as quickly as possible and get the hell out of there so as to not get hepatitis or some other flesh eating disease that festers in that place. Luckily I only had two items on my list. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart is the only place around here that sells either one and its still a bit of a distance away. The first item is my Myoplex drinks for Body-for-life that are an absolute must.

The second item on my list is something very special to me that I have not had in a long while. One word, two syllables. Simly...YooHoo. Back in Utah, drinking a nice can of "Frosty Hoo" with Stone Bone and Cory Mon was a time honored tradition, a ritual if you will. You might be asking yourself, whats a Frosty Hoo? A Frost Hoo, my friends, is a Yoo-Hoo that has been put in the freezer and pulled out when it is halfway between frozen and thawed out. Its almost some what of a limbo between drink and slushy. Its really the Narnia of drinks. Its super hard to find, but when you find it, its the most glorious thing known to mankind, or animalkind. Im pretty sure that if you water your plants with Frosty Hoo, they will grow not only large, but beautiful as well. All of natures creatures and plants love Frosty Hoo. My point here is that as bad as Wal-Mart is, it is worth going there in order to obtain this lovely, chocolately drink. As tipped back my first Hoo in almost 4 months I thought of all my brothers back in Utah and all the good times had there. Cheers boys!

*Side note: I actually purchased the cans and not the boxes pictured. The cans hold more and the aluminum gets them colder. Its science.


  • This blog rivals that of the Macaroni and Cheese + Steak post a few months back.

    A tip of the hat to you sir.

    ...and a ceremonial pouring out of some 'Hoo for my dead, and/or missing homeys.

  • This comment is here simply because you expect it to be here. But I'm not going to say what you expect me to say, neither will I say the exact opposite. It's both satisfying and disappointing all at once. Much like a trip to Wally World for the 'hoo.

    This has been Justin

  • Eewww! I HATE YooHoo! I love me some chocolate milk on the rocks however!

  • Can't stand the Hoo, but I enjoyed the post and Jeff's comments. I miss that guy. Maybe I should try it slushy, because straight Yoo Hoo is nasty. Or maybe I should just stay away from it altogether.

  • I was just at Costco and saw some YooHoo! Might want to try there instead of WalMart!

  • yeah but they also taste like the can. thats effing science

  • Nay sayers, one and all!

    Scott, don't give ear to these people! For some it is given to understand the beauties and intricacies of all that is 'Hoo, and to others it is not.

    Guard yourself well.

  • My comment is I can't read your red letters. However, I love your halloween picture. No joke bro... I thought Pete Wentz looked good with eye liner, but you look way better!!! This is new to me, however I told ronna I would participate in blogging tonight! Ronna and I were getting a kick out of your writing. Your very talented with writing!! I can't even compete with your ability. Your so much more artistic than I am and I think you were blessed with that charistic of mom's traits then I was. CALL ME!!!!

  • LOL, so last night for some reason I had a dream that I drank a really cold YooHoo and loved it! It made me think of you while I was dreaming...I told myself, wow, Scott was right! This is good stuff! Miss you...

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