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I have had baseball on my mind a lot lately.  The last day of the regular seasons was one of the most incredible and momentous days in baseball that I can remember.  I sat in awe on Wednesday night as the Braves and Red Sox completed two of the most historic meltdowns in baseball history and as the Rays pulled off probably the most inspiring comeback I have ever seen(Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS probably beats it but whatever).  In the top of the 8th inning the Tampa Bay Rays were down 7-0 to the Yankees in what was a must win game for the Rays if they wanted to go to the playoffs.  They had the exact same record as the Boston Red Sox and if both teams won or lost their last game they would have a one game playoff the next day for the AL wild card spot.  At that moment the Red Sox were in the middle of their game against the Baltimore Orioles and up 3-2, looking like they were going to the post season.   The Red Sox went into the bottom of the 9th inning with that same score and against the Orioles who are a vastly inferior team to the Yankees, who the Rays were playing.  In that 8th inning of the Yankees/Rays game, the Rays began to show signs of life.  After loading the bases with no outs, the Yankees gifted the Rays 3 runs by walking the next batter, hitting the one after that, and allowing a sacrifice fly after that. The Rays best hitter, Evan Longoria then came to the plate with 2 runners on and blasted a home run into left field making it 7-6 and putting the Rays back into the game.   The Yankees ended up closing out the inning without anymore damage.  In the bottom of the 9th, the Rays were down to their last out and their last strike.  Pinch hitter Dan Johnson was at the plate and promptly smoked a ball to right field, barely clearing the fence.  I was by myself at home, cheering out loud.  Im not even a Rays fan but it was so exciting.  It was probably the most exciting thing I had seen outside of a Dodgers or Angels playoff game.  It was still only tied up.  Back to the Red Sox/ Orioles game in the bottom of the 9th.  Boston brings out their closer Papelbon (super douche) to finish the game, or so they thought.  Baltimore ended up coming back in the bottom of the 9th to win the game and leave Boston hoping the Rays would lose so they could playoff the next day for the wild card spot.  Less than 5 minutes after the Orioles walk off win, Evan Longoria came to the plate again and sent another ball over the left field fence AND THE RAYS WIN THE GAME!!  This would have been exciting enough had it not involved Boston, but the fact that it was them that collapsed and gave up something like a 9 game lead in less than a month makes me so happy.

I have now copped a squat on the couch and am watching the Phillies/Cardinals ALDS Game 1.  I am being reminded of how great post season baseball is, and at the same time happy that my Dodgers aren't in it this year. That might sound a bit odd but let me explain.  Being a Dodger fan, I am naturally rooting for the Cards to win this game (after the Phillies destroyed our pennant hopes in both 08 and 09 I can never root for them).  In the first inning I saw Lance Berkman absolutely crush a ball for a 3 run homer.  Oh how exciting, I thought.  Maybe the Cards can pull this off.  Smash cut Ryan Howard of Philly hitting a 3 run shot, followed by Raul Ibanez hitting a 2 run homer, putting the Phillies back on top.  Follow all that with another rally in the following inning and the score is now 9-3 Philly.  Ugh.  It sucks to be a St. Louis fan.  I just don't think I could handle that if it was the Dodgers.  Watching them fall apart both in 08 and 09 was heartbreaking.  I don't know how the Sacramento Kings fans did it all those years where the Lakers kept knocking them out of the playoffs.

UPDATE:  I apologize for the boringness of this post if you are not a baseball fan.  I realize it isn't very entertaining.

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  • Yeah.... not much of a fan, but I can appreciate that you are, so YEAH. What you said.
    What've you guys been up to lately? We need to get together soon!

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