Today, I literally had the following conversation with a guy in my office.  I don't know his name(I've never talked to him before and he works in a different department) so we will refer to him as Bob.  He sits next to the copier which I was using to make some copies.  The conversation went like this:

Bob:  So who are you taking tonight, Chicago or Detroit?
Me:  Chicago?(confused tone)
Bob:  Yeah Chicago or Detroit?
Me:  What do you mean?
Bob: The Bears and Lions, Monday Night Football.....
Scott: OOOOHHHHH, football. I thought you were talking about baseball.  I was thinking, "Chicago isn't in the playoffs." So yeah, umm I don't really care.  I'll be watching baseball.  

Talk about awkward.  I guess what are the chances that the Detroit Lions would be playing a Monday Night Football game the same night that the Detroit Tigers would be playing in the ALCS? At least the Lions weren't playing the Texans (the Tigers are playing the Texas Rangers in the ALCS).  That would have been really confusing.  

I now realize how much of a baseball nerd I am.  I honestly couldn't care less about anything that has to do with the NFL, much less the NBA.  Which is weird because growing up I liked baseball, but football was the sport I loved.  I loved playing it and watching it.  My love loss with football probably began when both the Raiders and Rams skipped town for greener(St. Louis) and greyer(Oakland) pastures.  Not having a team to root for makes it difficult.  I have tried to do the fantasy thing in order to find players to root for but my teams have gone largely unattended in the past.  

Going back to the conversation...I don't know what it is about me that I can't just follow my confusion with something like, "Oh Detroit for sure.  Aren't they 4-0 so far?" No, I have to make it even more awkward by saying I don't care about football and that I'll be watching baseball.  There is something in me that says, "Be honest! Tell him exactly what you are thinking."  And before I know it I have said something that I instantly regret.  My mind cannot keep up with my mouth.  It happens quite often.  I think I get it from my pops.  Thanks Dad.  :)


  • i never understood the interest in out of market regular season games of basketball/football.

    Sure i might have random games on tv in the background. But i'll never schedule my day around watching two teams i don't really care about.

  • Yeah, a little filter never hurts. Think of it as not making the other guy feel stupid for opening his mouth. But you're pretty good about being open to a pretty diverse gamut of TV shows.

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