I think I'm Alone Now

I think I am the only one who is taking his significant other out for Valentines Day.  Today at work I inquired of a few co-workers as to where they were taking their ladies and got a myriad of answers.  My favorite answer came from Joe our CFO.  "I don't celebrate Valentines Day with my wife.  I set up a standard early in the relationship for her to not expect anything." Wow.  He then tried to convince me to bring home a Frostie and some chicken nuggets for Ashley on Valentines Day in order to "reset the bar".  I have no words to express how much I would not and could not do that.  Other responses included not celebrating on V-Day, not really caring about V-Day, and something about not caring and being low maintenance (from a girl in the office).  I then went to the interwebs and asked my friend on google chat about where he was taking his lady.  I got roughly this reply,"We are buying a house and don't want to waste money."  I see the validity of wanting save money but is $50-$100 going to break the bank? I guess if they are both down with that then to each there own.

I guess what I am getting at is that it is really confusing and surprising to me that not one person I asked said they had plans.  I will admit that I do like to make Ashley happy and doing something for Valentines Day will ensure that happiness, but I don't feel like I am overly "whipped".  Is it so weird to actually celebrate Valentines Day?  Its beginning to feel that way.  Regardless, I have a nice little night planned for February 14th.  Its a secret though so ssshhh....

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  • I taught you well, grasshopper. I think you're awesome. Usually LaMar does the planning but this year I am at home, so I'm planning a beautiful dinner for two here. After battling the freeway for 2 hours on the way home, I think he's really going to enjoy that.

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