A Day in Scotland

Yesterday Donnie, Erin, and I took an adventure and went to the beaches of Scotland. At least that is what the pictures looked like. It was actually Utah Lake but we decided that it looked a lot more like Scotland, largely due to the weather. The it looks like its really cold, but it was actually fairly warm, but pretty windy.

Some of these pictures are pretty random but I thought they looked cool.

Here is Erin and Donnie. You can see Snubbs in the background on the left.

Yours Truly.

There was this random house like structure with a couple other cinder block buildings that were destroyed. It was really weird.

Erin and I. Word.

Ok, this is a video that we took on the way of this awesome kid riding a unicycle. We thought that is was by far the best thing ever. It really made the day. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

This song is by Portishead and its called Mysterons. They fantabulous and I like them. Enjoy.


  • I like your pictures! You're lookin really good. Wish I could be there for your graduation. Congratulations if I don't get to talk to you! Oh, and cool unicycle rider! I love that you cheered for him, haha! I just updated my blog with our weekend adventures...

  • Holla! That was a fun day trip. Too bad it costs a butt load to park at the state park. It was a good day though.

  • Nice pictures! And you are looking very good as well! Getting excited to see you in a couple of days! Can you believe your day has come at last?

  • I can't believe you're graduating tomorrow! Congrats! Wish I could be there. YOu better post LOTS of pictures!

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