I am ManBoy!

This delicious morsel that you are viewing was dinner. Yes you are seeing correctly. Mac 'n Cheese topped with filet mignon. I am ManBoy! I had the idea and presented it to Old Man Bones. He replied, "Please bless...". And so it was....the results are in and it was PHENOMENAL!!! With my recent Body for Life expedition, I haven't tasted of the Mac and Cheese for a while. So since i just finished the 3 month program, i had somewhat of a week off. It was not a good week, haha. I went to the gym once and ate like crap all week. So that being behind me, I will start this week and the next three month period with a bang. This beautiful creation was that bang. Now its back to healthiness and frequenting the gym. For those of you who enjoy Mac and Cheese I implore you to take this venture and meet me in heaven.


  • This is the most heroic blog and photo combination in the history of blogs and photos. I am honored to have helped you in your decision to cook up this glorious bit of cuisine. And yes, I will see you in Heaven.


    Old Man Bones

  • That doesn't look the slightest bit appetizing! Why would you waste that beautiful steak on macaroni and cheese? I love mac'n cheese and I love steak, but the two don't go together!

  • how dare you defile an effing fillet with mac and cheese? you are like my father. he ruins the best of meats with ketchup. you have merely taken it one step closer the the trailer park with the easy mac.

    ha. well done. i reckon it was much better than that piece of shit we ate tonight called the tuscan ribeye.

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