Here we go.....

It's been a little while, about a week, since I have last wrote. In that time the new Thrice album, The Alchemy Index Volumes 3 & 4, has leaked on the internet for my downloading pleasure. I'm actually pretty impressed that it took so long to leak seeing that it comes out in stores this Tuesday the 15th. Needless to say this album is amazing to me. I have no doubt explained this project to most of you reading this blog but for the rest you it is basically a 4-disc undertaking with each disc having 6 songs that are themed lyrically and sonically to the four classic elements (fire, water, air, earth). To loosely describe them, fire is heavier, water is electronic sounding with a lot of keyboards and drum machines but very soothing and chill, earth is rootsy, gospel and blues sounding with lots of acoustic guitar, banjo, percussion, and piano, and air is very hard to explain but to make it easy I will describe it as soft rock.

So the earth and air portions come out this Tuesday and is what I have been listening to all week. Since Fire and Water came out last October I have fully digested them and can now somewhat appreciate the entire album with all 4 discs as a whole. I would really suggest this album (Vol. 3 and 4) to anyone. They are so good and accessible that I think anyone from my mom and dad to friends would like them. The cd comes out this Tuesday once again so I exhort you all to check it out.

I am starting to actually believe summer is close due to a couple of reasons. Reason #1: I went longboarding down Provo Canyon with my good friend/roommate/gracious and understanding landlord Justin today for the first time in 2008. WOOHOO! So much fun! It was like 70 degrees or so today. So pretty and nice outside. I'll tell you what, there is nothing like driving with your windows down. Those of you in California or Puerto Rico may not appreciate this as much, but for me here in Utah the last 5 months have been hell for me with this winter being the coldest winter in Utah in years (thats actually a fact not just me being a pansy). Reason #2: I am starting to prepare to move back to California. Not really a sign of the times but you all get my excitement I'm sure. I look forward to many bon fires and days at the beach this summer.

I was informed this week that I probably have a lot more readers than I thought I did. My sister Katie informed me that my Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Margie, and my lovely Nana might be reading, not to mention countless other that stumble upon my page and are enthralled with the shenanigans and ridiculousness that I call my life. To these and others I say Hello and Welcome. Just to worn a few of you I partly created this blog to act as a journal and a way to get some things off of my chest. I try to keep it PG for the most part and create a way for everyone to enjoy a window into my life and more importantly my thoughts. That being said, every once in a while I may tend to get a tad bit racy and edgy. It is not my objective to offend anyone, although I am sure I do it on a daily basis. Its more of a way to get my thoughts out and sometimes, yes, those thoughts are negative and somewhat offensive. So.....sorry....but it will happen here and there. Please don't judge me. Haha.

The song playing right now is off of the new Thrice cd and is called "A Song For Milly Michaelson". Its off of the air disc. Enjoy it as much as I do.


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