Nice corn rows, man.

Today I went to a career fair in Ontario to look for a job. It ended up sucking really bad because I drove all the way out to Ontario, drove around for 20 minutes looking for a parking spot, and waited in line another 20 minutes only to discover there were only 15 companies there, none who were offering any jobs that had to do with accounting or auditing. What the heck? I love when it says on the flier that there will be people there from the accounting industry and there aren't any there. Ridiculous. While standing in line that 20 minutes I started to observe my fellow line-waiters. I was astonished at what I saw. It looked like most people made some type of effort to look presentable to possible future employers. There were, however, a distinguished few who looked like they made absolutely no effort to look presentable. A few guys looked like they were going to play basketball after (I won't mention their race). One lady was wearing a teal t-shirt with a beanie. And if that wasn't bad enough, the tag of the beanie was sticking out. Its like, did you look in the mirror at all before you left? I guess if they did look in the mirror before they left and still looked like that it would be even worse. Let's hope they were just negligent in that department. Do these people really wonder why they are currently unemployed? I saw a few college age kids with ridiculous hair. Any of you who knew me in highschool know that when I say ridiculous hair, it must be outrageous. Word to the wise: If you are a guy and you have your ear pierced so large that a pencil can fit through it, you should probably go apply at Hot Topic, not Wells Fargo or any other business that takes themselves seriously. Another hint, if you don't own a collared shirt for an interview, much less a tie, just stay home. You aren't getting the job anyways. The good thing about today was looking at natures rejects and feeling better about myself.

P.S. Most people dressed appropriately. Only about 10% to 15% were under par.


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