Drowning in a Digital Sea

I seem to be having a hard time blogging since moving home. I don't know if that is because my life was so exciting in Utah and there was a ton to write about, or if it was because there was nothing to do there and I had a lot of time to write about nothing. Im not sure which one it is but whatever the reason I have not been blogging near as much. So sorry to those of you who actually read this.

Since moving home I have obviously been looking for a job. The search continues. I think I have a few leads that will help me find something soon. For now I'm stuck at Macaroni Grill. It is truly embarrassing telling people I work there even though I have a degree. That plus hate working there. Every night I work there I get more and more motivated to find a real job. I hate it there.

I have now finished season 3 of Lost. It is so amazingly awesome. I highly recommend all of yo u to start watching this show from the beginning if you haven't already. Its so addicting. Im glad that there are only 2 more seasons after season 4 because I don't think I could the anticipation anymore seasons.

This last week was pretty awesome for me. Back in February I bought tickets for Thrice in California because I knew I would be here. They played two shows in Anaheim at the House of Blues and 2 shows in Hollywood at The Avalon, formally known as The Palace. Since tickets were only $15, I bought a ticket to both Anaheim shows and one of the Hollywood shows. Can you say obsessed? I know, but it was worth it. The first two shows were really different from each other and the last one was similar to the first show but still a little different. Over the three nights I got to see a number of different songs. If an opportunity comes up again to do Thrice 3 nights in a row I probably won't do it, but I think I would 2 nights in a row. Anyways, I wish I had pictures but House of Blues didn't allow cameras and I forgot my camera when we went to Hollywood.

I have now been in California for month. I'm settling in fine and am finally getting used to being here. I miss Utah and all my friends out there, but I'm glad I came home. It was definitely the right decision.

Lastly, it is my birthday on Tuesday! 25, wow! I can't believe I'll be 25. Its crazy. Its the last good birthday, kind of depressing. I've always viewed 25 as the ideal age. Old enough to get respect as an adult, but still young. Everything from here on out is downhill. Who gets excited about turning 30 or 40? Im sure the "experienced" people reading this blog will scoff at my complaints of getting old. But I'm sure you all thought the same when you were 25.


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